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Move like Jagger

There are no excuses like ‘bad sound’ or ‘low quality’. With ICEpower’s new MobileSound3 audio IC, specifically designed for portable products, you are fully equipped to go dance in the streets, and move like Jagger. MobileSound3 has got your back with supreme audio quality and smart features like SmartBASS and SmartEQ.

MobileSound3 – sound to go

While small devices normally means reduced sound quality, ICEpower has extensive experience in developing great sound for compact, portable products. MobileSound 3 is our new audio IC (integrated circuit) for improving audio quality and sound pressure level in portable devices. The solution consists of a fully digital, low power stereo Class D speaker amplifier, a stereo true ground headphone amplifier, and high-end audio enhancing digital signal processing (DSP) functionality.

Audio performance

MobileSound 3 improves audio quality in both the headphones and the loudspeakers, resulting in a more natural, rich and powerful sound in portable devices. It also enables flexible, noise-free input and output connections. The solution contains a highly efficient and compact ICEpower DSP core that implements a number of features for improving audio quality in portable devices:


Effectively extends the low frequency range of small speakers and headphones in a portable device, allowing for more bass


Fully parametric 5-band equalizer enabling compensation of the non-ideal behaviours of small speakers and headphones in portable devices, making the sound more clear and natural

SmartDRC (Smart Dynamic Range Control)

A highly advanced parametric multi-stage DRC system enabling higher sound level. A highly useful feature when listening to music or voice in a noisy environment

Technical specifications

The solution consist of a stereo Class D high power speaker amplifier with 2x 920mW output power and 100dB SNR, and a stereo true ground headphone amplifier with 2x 25mW output power and 94dB SNR. It also has a fully digital interface with three switchable digital I2S/PCM inputs and outputs.

MobileSound3 combines all audio functionality required in portable devices and eliminates the need of an external codec, multimedia, DAC or amplifier IC’s. The solution comes in a 2.6mm x 3.0mm, 42-pin µCSP package, making it the smallest audio IC for portable devices currently on the market.

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