Serenata Mobile was the joint effort of Bang & Olufsen and Samsung to give the first true music mobile phone to the world. The objective of the phone designers was to give customers the best possible music experience on the move, while preserving Bang & Olufsens tradition of sophisticated design. One of Serenata Mobiles main differentiating points is that, among others, it handles lossless – “uncompressed” music, thus enabling the best possible music quality.
In order to achieve the worlds best acoustic performance, ICEpower has developed a turbo version of ICEpower MobileSound1 solution especially for Serenata Mobile. The ICEpower MobileSound solution has made a big contribution to the resulting unparalleled music performance of Serenata, while the phones battery life has been significantly extended by ICEpowers highly efficient technologies.
Serenata Mobile features stereo audio, reproduced with two built-in closed-box 20 mm music player speakers. The dedicated stereo EarSet 3 is another option to enjoy Serenatas performance. There is a separate smaller speaker for the phones communication functionality. The technologies embedded in ICEpower MobileSound solution allow for a higher acoustic volume and a significantly improved bass, while delivering excellent amplifier efficiency. The main reason why quality sound could not be achieved in small electronic devices before was the fact that the very limited space in these devices did not allow for the heat sinks required by the traditional analogue audio amplification technologies. ICEpower switching audio power conversion technologies have changed this. ICEpower MobileSound solutions are extremely efficient (>90% amplifier efficiency) and small, while also enabling high-quality sound reproduction. </P>

Mass media overwhelmingly positive about Serenatas audio qualities
Since the release of Serenata Mobile in late 2007, mass media reviews of the phones audio qualities have been overwhelmingly positive, once again proving the technological prowess of the Danish engineers:

Mobile Choice
ICEpower amplifiers. Where ICEpower amplifiers excel is that they manage to convert 90% of their input power into the output of their speakers. In contrast more conventional analogue speakers only manage to convert 10% of their input power. The results are second to none when it comes to mobile music devices. By sliding the hi-fi speakers open and with its neat pull out stand, the Serenata can be rested upright creating a mini jukebox that’s small stature succumbs to its mammoth sound. So what to make of the Serenata? Well as a music device, it’s immense. The sound quality is of the best we’ve seen and it’s somewhat baffling to hear such crisp acoustics coming from something so mobile.

Best ever mobile speaker
The Serenata sounds so accomplished it only needs three bass boost settings to add some low-end thump. Its slick audio performance is mightily impressive. Slide up the Serenata and a whacking great speaker reveals itself. It’s driven by B&O ICEpower technology and proves to be the best speaker ever to grace a mobile phone. And we thought the N81’s airshifters were impressive.

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