ICEpower is an innovation-focused company. We base our audio power conversion solutions on core scientific research in power electronics, acoustics and digital signal processing. In fact, ICEpower as such was founded based on one PhD Thesis by Dr. Karsten Nielsen, in which he managed to significantly improve the sound quality and efficiency of Class D amplifiers.

To continue driving the technological field of audio power conversion forward, academic collaboration remains essential for ICEpower's continuous research, development and operations and we employ several students to assist in our daily operation. Moreover, a number of engineering Bachelor, Master and PhD students write their degree projects with us.

Our major partners in academic research are the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Copenhagen University College of Engineering, the physical proximity of which to our office in Kgs. Lyngby enables close and productive collaboration with the academia.

We are often looking for aspiring engineering minds with high academic qualifications. If you are a student in one of the above-mentioned fields and are looking to write your student project with a highly driven, R&D-centered company and a leader in its field, please visit our Student Projects section.